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A Weekend at Sandbanks

Don’t bother getting into a plane if you’re into sandy beaches and cool water. There are several beaches that will surely provide the relaxing and perfect summer weekend getaway you are looking for. More so, they are only a few hours drive from Toronto.

One of them is Sandbanks Provincial Park. It is among the largest and most beautiful beaches in Ontario, with its golden sand and sparkling water. Two of the finest bay mouth sandbar and coastal sand dune systems in the province can be found here. Windsurfing, sailing, canoeing and boating compete with sunbathing and swimming as favorite park activities. Sandbanks offers over 500 car campsites in five campground areas. Sandbanks has two group campsites and 2 roofed accommodations.

But if you’re not into camping nor glamping, less than 10 minutes away from the Sandbanks Provincial Park is the Sandbanks Cottages and Campsites. Considered as Quinte Isle’s best kept secret, it is a lakeside estate for summer vacationers and weekenders seeking a family-oriented camping and cottage experience, and, an ideal place for a peaceful retreat for a weekend.

You will definitely feel the warmth of the place as the owners, Nita and Stefan Rejdik, welcome their guests. Tita Nits, as she is fondly called, is no stranger to the Filipino community. She is involved in various fundraisers to help foreign workers and caregivers who are in need. She also provides accommodations to individuals who have no place to live while looking for a job. Her generosity extends beyond the Filipino community. She has donated her time and treasure to the needy children of Picton as well. No wonder she gets a lot of help in getting the cottages and campsites ready for the summer months.

Staying at Sandbanks Cottages and Campsites is not only relaxing but an enjoyable one too. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city and away from the crowded beach and campsites, wake up to a calm and serene lakeside view. Enjoy your morning coffee on your private deck. After which, stroll along the 750 feet of shoreline along East Lake under the canopy of mature junipers and cedar trees. And at sundown, gather the family around the fire pit for those evening s’mores.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your summer weekend getaway and book your reservations early.
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