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Contact Ronnie Dela Gana at for a Kubo Magazine media kit.

Please get a written permission to use an article or its parts by emailing The Subject line should include “Permission”. Include the name of the article, author and magazine issue for which you are requesting permission in the body of the email. Make sure that you include a brief description how and where you’ll use the article(s).

Please note that you cannot repost entire Kubo Magazine article(s) on your website or newsletter without the copyright permission. However, if you wish to quote several sentences from an article for personal or educational purposes, you may do so provided that you give credit to Kubo Magazine, the author of the article, and for online use, provide a link to the source article.

If you’ve been featured in the magazine and would like to request reproductions, please send an email to to inquire or to find more information.

We do accept subscription from countries other than Canada. However, the recipient will be responsible for paying duties and taxes upon receipt. Custom charges may apply due to international trading requirements. Contact your local customs office for more information.

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