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My Top 10 Filipino Female Celeb Instagram Accounts

I created my first Instagram account (@joifulworld) on October 1st, 2017. But although I was still fairly new, I started following not just family and friends, but I also checked out hundreds of IG accounts of famous celebs, local and abroad.

So I came up with my top 10 list based on relevant information I gain from their posts, not from their selfies. I particularly like posts that are more personal than professional, selfless than selfish,
and evolving than stagnant. My pet peeves are endless narcissistic exhibition, scarce community involvement, and shallow posted thoughts.

Here they are, in random order:

1. Kris Aquino – @krisaquino
Bio: Producer
Followers: 3.3M

*An authentic endorser, Kris not only uses sponsored products, but also knows practical details about them. Kris consistently posts about her sons — their opinions, activities, health conditions, etc. She is, after all, a mother first.
*Check out her Heart to Heart with Kris moments. and her link to her weekly blogs at
*Above all else, One word to summarize her account: courage.

2.Judy Ann Santos – @officialjuday
Bio: Actress, Chef
Followers: 2.2M

*Super authentic Judy Ann posts happy snips of her life, mostly of her kids and Ryan, and her love for cooking.
*Her videos always feel like you’re watching a close friend updating you of her whereabouts
*One word to summarize her account: joy.

3.Heart Evangelista – @iamhearte
Bio: Wife, Actress, Artist,Author
Followers: 2.1M

*I love art, so I adore Heart’s IG. All her photos are feast for the eyes. The contrasts in colours, the geometric designs, the subtle clash of prism hues. Much thought is spent before clicking the
*Always hustling from one meeting to another project, Heart remains classy and calm.
*One word to summarize her account: verve.

4.Sharon Cuneta – @reallysharoncuneta
Bio: Coach:, Actress, Singer
Followers: 483K

*I am Sharon’s age so I do empathize with each of her posts. 🙂 I get her. I get her moods, her frustrations, her kababawans, her erudite principles.
*Sharon is prolific in updating her social media. It’s almost like reading her daily diary. She is also attentive to comments, and responds when necessary.
*One word to summarize her account: inspiration.

5. Vicky Belo – @victoria_belo
Bio: Founder – Belo Medical Group
Followers: 1.3M

*To this day I don’t know how Vicky finds time for social media. The president and medical director of her own company, she is a walking advertisement.
*The other things I love: Vicky’s OOTDs, her travels with husband Hayden and daughter Scarlet, the procedures which she explains in layman’s terms.
*One word to summarize her account: commitment.

6.Lucy Torres-Gomez – @lucytgomez
Bio: Politician, Actress
Followers: 869K

*A voracious reader, Lucy is not just a pretty face. She expresses her mind and heart in carefully selected words and phrases, more apt for novel writing.
*She frequently posts meals cooked by Richard for the family.
*One word to summarize her account: peace.

7. Bella Padilla – @belapadilla
Bio: Actress, writer, author, producer, beach lover
Followers: 1.9M

*One of the most intelligent young actresses of her generation, Bella spends each day as if it’s her last. She loves life and embraces its imperfections like a lover.
*My favourites; her hugot poems, IG stories, her amazing photos/videos of her travels, her own bible devos, and her acrostic posts (ang galing!)
*One word to summarize her account: soul.

8.Solenn Heussaf – @solenn
Bio: Actress, Singer, Artist
Followers: 4M

*I’m not sure if Solenn ever sleeps. She is constantly doing or creating something! A ball of energy, her IG account feels like it’s on steroids. 🙂
*Check out her paintings! With her busy celebrity life (TV and movies, social media active presence), when does she do this?? Solenn is not just an artist but also an admirer of artists and art.
*One word to summarize her account: gratitude.

9.Dawn Zulueta – @dawnzulueta
Bio: Film, TV & Stage Actor, Wife, Mother, Dog lover, Mirror-writer, old soul
Followers: 3.3M

*Dawn’s IG account feels a bit intimate. Her posts are family-centered, interspersed between many pictures with friends and a few showbizrelated events.
*My favourites: her personal travels, her quotes, her simple selfies, and videos of her playing the piano.
*One word to summarize her account: home.

10.Alessandra De Rossi – @msderossi
Bio: Actress, Writer
Followers: 263K

*My favourites: She is not afraid to look her most normal self. Her selfies are almost selfdeprecating, dark, raw, sometimes teasing you to like her still despite the images. She posts quirky, weird shots that would make you think. Her poems are melancholy, mysterious, hanging. Her one-liner posts are short and witty. If only I could have a peep of her screenplays whenever she posts pics of them.
*One word to summarize her account: confidence.

How about you? Who’s your favourite?

*OOTD – Outfit Of The Day


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